hidden river

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Author beethoveN
Tags action author:beethoven gauss multi-path multipath rated rit0987
Created 2009-11-01
Last Modified 2009-11-01
by 6 people.
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Description I finished it, I delisted the other, but if you must see it, here it is: hidden river [].

I know what your going to say, "to much gold" or "gold much?" but no. there isn't.

again, inspired by rit0987 [].

I think this is the best map I've ever made, but you decide.

it has many possibilities.

it also has many doors.

and many golds.

this is probably my last thread of a chance for a potential (improbable) feature.

before I sink into mappers block.


I'm kind of rambling on.



have fun.


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I agree with the long load, short play.

awesome map

i played it like an action map, and it was rather fun to get an agd. as far as i got, could get farther if i tried. Gausses were annoying sometimes, but gold was fine, just fine. You play long enough in the map that the load time is not dreastically long.

non-minimalization can be used greatly, as here. Its bad when it takes a while to load and each "try" is only a second or less long, too difficult to experience the map =P

im rambling, but showing that this map still would have been a 5/5 from me. in fact i faved it ^^
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people have really beaten you up in your recent maps... a lot.

so annoying =P

here have a 5/5 because magirocker is wrong. the gold is fine too btw.


actually, I was trying to make it FUN. not that you'd understand. plus, they were not random, neither objects, OR exits.
Gold is placed at the most obvious places and only serves to add to the loading time and detract from aesthetics. And yes, there is way too much gold considering the length of this map. Randomly placed exits only destroy any hope of a coherent and flowy path. In addition, the tiles were placed without consideration of flow (as it seems to be what you are aiming for with these kind of tiles) and gameplay.


That said, I enjoyed playing the map. 4aved.


I wasted way too much time getting this demo. It just wasn't fun. I didn't say an AGD was impossible, I just said it was implausible. Your path is pretty crazy but I tried to follow it as best as I could, and it just seemed to display all the awkwardness of this map, IMO.
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Order = Red -> Blue -> Light Green -> Purple -> Dark Green


@ magirocker:

You have to take a specific route to get an AGD. Learn to play a map before rating it.


I didn't snipe

I don't like the map. There is too much gold (yes, there is) and there really isn't much of a point to the map. Winning is too easy, and actually getting an AGD isn't really plausible because the various exit keys are situated inside patches of gold.

The tiles are kinda boring, and all in all the map just seems pointless to me :P



My speedrun; I'm still going at AGD. IT WILL BE DONE
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Inspired in me?? I feel special :D
Nice map faved