3) Enemy Drifters

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Author BluePretzel
Tags author:bluepretzel boat fleet pirate potsg rated series
Created 2009-11-03
Last Modified 2010-02-10
by 7 people.
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Description "Wow, that was easy!" N said to himself after his first victory with his boat, the LIVIT. "I could do this again and again!". He was sivving his gold through is hands when he heard the sound of a cannon. Being part ninja, his lightning-fast reflexes kicked in, and not a moment too soon. a cannonball wizzed straight passed, missing him by a metre.
"We challenge you, pirate!" said a rough voice. N looked up,and saw a mighty caravel, accompanied by two other boats.
"Huh, a challenge" N said to himself, as he looked at the ship. His sharp eyes could see that the mast's crowsnest had a whole stash of gold. "That will be my target" he said. "But how to get up there..."

The third level of my pirate series, please DON'T climb up the sides of the map. :)

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quite good. I think it is intresting that you have at get to the sunken ship to get to the cargo...
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Im working on it! ;)

If only

The cannons could fire....

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Cute and interesting little levels.


for the comments pretzel.