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Author nnds
Tags action author:nnds nreality playable puzzel rated
Created 2009-11-04
Last Modified 2009-11-22
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description This is a trigger, image, nreality map (!)

Here is a better version: []

I use:

  • a ninja mod (jumptime)
  • a rocky drone (triggered)
  • a tiledrone (triggered)
  • a rotating laser drone
  • a rocked launcher mod
  • a Photoelectric drone
  • a exit door (Chase AI)
  • two "door-drones"
  • a image
  • a thwump mod

... i test nearly everything in this map ^^


You need nreality to play this level; you can dowload it here: []

The tileset is made by Snip3_Th3_Shams (Devils Bite [])
Thank you

it is a light version of my Matrix [] map.
You said i had overdone it so here is an better version with less enemys and some parts are diffrent (i think it is easier ^^ the original was kind of impossible).


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I made you aware of my problems with the map the last time you posted it.
floor guard but I died on a mine getting out :/
I agree this is waaaay too hectic. 2

a nreality

map doesnt get good just because you throw in as much mods as possible. the green drone(cant remember its name) was just awkward, and you basicly only had luck if u could get to the next part of the map, because sometimes a drone blocked it.
i dont like this.
were poorly used few of them added anything to the game-play. It would be cool if the circuit diagram acted like a map of the map but I can't see that it does.
rocket was awesome, the rest was so =P unsolvable...

not laggy, just chaotic


not in my case.

waaayyy too laggy

the rocket launcher

is phenomenal, the rest is...inscrutable. demo?