The Joy of Dustbusting (100th map)

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Author miststalker06
Tags 100th author:miststalker06 challenging fun hard puzzly rated
Created 2009-11-04
Last Modified 2009-11-05
by 12 people.
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Description So... this is it - my 100th map. I spent a lot of time on it, making it just the way I intended it to be. Dedicated to Chume14 and other great mappers.

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also on nreality :)
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I didn't know cause your map counter must be wrong thanks for the ded. I'm glad cause this is the type of your maps I really like that I can get my teeth into, I'll try and get an agd for you.


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i'm at 134

been here since '06.


but he's right. making lots of maps fast = a bunch of bad maps and a few hidden gems that nobody finds in all the mess.

Agree with kool.

You'd do well to slow down. I haven't reached 100 in over a year of being here.

meh, not a fan

the tiles were awkward as was placement for the most part.
there was no level of enjoyment for me :/. 2/5

happy 100th!

the map is allright. The chaser is used nicely, but there are just too many 6-tiles for liking.
have a 4.


awesome def worth 100th and a five. faved, too.
I agree with Cheez, but I think it's a good map, though.
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Ha ha xD

Awesome comment :p

half completetion

gratz on 100. I like the tiles, that mine circle on the left, and the floorguards. I also like adventure maps. Have a five.
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I have a soft spot for adventure maps :3
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100th map!!! amazing tiles angree with ultimatereading about the mines gold was pretty cool as well. 5


I don't think it's bad, I just think you can do better :p


A long map.

Objects were placed alright, but tiles seem kinda hap-hazard.

Thanks a lot,

Ultimatereading :D

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for the map, should you get lost! :)
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congratulations on 100th map awesome map as well loved the mines espcially 5

RCE please :)

And enjoy it, please, I spent a lot of time with this map!