Sunken Wonder

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Author sidke
Tags action author:sidke featured playable rated riobe
Created 2009-11-11
Last Modified 2009-11-11
by 33 people.
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Description Looks kinda like Riobe's basement.

This map was featured on 2014-09-20

"If I was still a reviewer, I'd feature this. Seriously."

My incorrect grammar in the subjunctive tense aside, I'm finally making good on that comment. Thwumps and seekers are typically enemies that need a lot of assistance from other enemies, but sidke here has crafted a wide-open map where just two seekers and a (spread-out) handful of thwumps provide exactly how much action is needed. I'd expect this enemy count from a map half the size, especially given the relatively low number of mines as well.

Efficiency at its finest. — maxson924

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This is an ultra-stylish map. The tiles, the aesthetics; I love everything about this, sidke.
This was a really fun map just playing it once! 5/5 great feature
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The difficulty is perfect and I love those thwumps.


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I don't know why, but the atmosphere of this map has something magical to me.
Good choice!
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This map is beautiful.

ugly tiles

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I wonder if there's a way to beat the drone thats bottlenecking me...
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5 by 21 people?

Am I missing something here? This map is barely above average. The drones are really a hassle getting out of the exit area sometimes for me. The tiles aren't very attractive either. You can do much better. This feels like a PALEMOON impersonation without chainguns. A 3 from me.
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It has 5 by 21.

It's not often you see a map this loved. Does it really need anymore attention?

Hell yes.
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This map

plays like a cream dream.

<~Riobe> you have the worst sense of humor
<~Riobe> lol
<%maxson> lol

<Riobe> oh har har
<Riobe> har
<Riobe> har har har.


your mom's basement is flawless.


Everything about this bothered me.

damn sidke

that's all I can I say. 5

Dude, sidke, this is beautiful.
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I love how the gold represents seaweed, and the gameplay is really cool, too. It's nice, relaxing, and open, and it matches the atmosphere perfectly. If I was still a reviewer, I'd feature this. Seriously.



nice open feel
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my first attempt..

way easier than it looks, but I like it pretty much. The title is someway fitting.
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agd death

I liked the use of thumps in an open space and how you covered that large area w/ 2 seeker drones. The 5 tiles were my fave part. Nice work.
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cool map too.
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