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Author sidke
Tags action author:sidke playable rated zomgz-norockets
Created 2009-11-12
Last Modified 2009-11-12
by 7 people.
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Ha ha, YOUR demo

disappointed me :p
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i tried to translate your Japanese text and i got "To stop talking to me. And Leave me alone Go away! Shut up!" this isnt right is it?


proud of my uber slow demo
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oh mod you're a goderator


I wasn't too much of a fan. D: I found it pretty boring and empty, even if the atmosphere was cool.

Low 3/5

pretty cool.
stop submitting maps when I'm asleep ;__;
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oh god you're a moderator

palemoon, your demo disappointed me a lot. misconstrued the comment.
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meanwhile, gary bangs his mom.
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