Tundra - N-Reality

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 mrgy05 n-reality playable rated tundra
Created 2009-11-12
Last Modified 2009-11-12
by 11 people.
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Beyond my control or logical comprehension.

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Sweet map

Very Creative!
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Could you explain step-by-step for me how to make and nreality image map using GIMP? I don't have photoshop..............


Nice map, the friction mod is subtle but it adds to the map.
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good map

the picture was good, it was fun and 5
and.. im back to N after a long while.
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Speedrun (:
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but the map played awesome, and the mods were well done =D
I suppose there was, then :p

Very cool.

Was there a mod that made the ninja slide? I couldn't really tell for sure.

3.5^; slow completion on Nreality

The ice sliding mod made this lots of fun. :)


good job, the image works really well.
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faster :P very fun! 4/5
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as usually

zthing is so right :D 4/5 cause its not flawless...

nreality death demo

Very cool. Your best image map so far imo. The image went very well w/ the gameplay and I liked the friction mod.
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or not. plays fine either way.

(my demo was posted as n-reality)

should be

much faster
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