The End?

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Author nevershine
Tags action art author:nevershine featured hard nitro tileset unrated
Created 2009-11-14
Last Modified 2009-11-14
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Description this is more meant as a symbolic pack ending for nitroglycerine [] than as a real challenge. the tileset is supposed to be a dragon mouth.

just watch my demo, it is absolutely possible.

This map was featured on 2012-02-13

Yes, yes it is.
It's over.
The day has come.
The apocalypse is nigh.
Everybody should have sex with each other.
The final pages are being written.
Nuclear explosions.
England will win the World Cup.
The sun will never shine again.
Eternal darkness.
Then God will create a new universe,
And the Christians will say "I TOLD YOU SO!"


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Thanks ChrisE

Now sad Izzy is sad.


You know this is really messed up, to think after such a long run it's finally over. I remember playing N when it was still just 30 episodes (btw since NUMA is ending I finally went and finished the 100 episodes... 88-4 was took only 50 deaths, you guys exaggerated it's difficulty!) and that was years and years and years ago.

This game has been a small part of my life for so long, that it's community just seizing to exist is almost unbelievable to me. Everywhere else I have dedicated time on the internet, I'm able to glance back on with a fond smile. NUMA will be the first where it's truly gone.


Thanks NUMA, we had a good run and I'll miss you.

P.S. The server resets at 12:00AM for me, that means it's on the West Coast, aww yeah!
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haha, super slow
Demo Data

peace numa
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for everything, numa ;_;

Sad times.

It all went down hill when it stopped being
Demo Data


I threw a look in here from time to time in the last year, but never commented anything.

Farewell NUMA

We hardly knew thee.

england will never win the world cup again

dream on


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Feature - long time no see.
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I wouldn't mind NUMA going out with a more true-blue review though.
Good times, good times

im still sad that i didnt get a featured yet
oh wait i did
But I liked the map.

The fuck?

I didn't know ChrisE was still here, also, terrible review, it was more of a reviewers way of posting an announcement than a review

did you get it?

start <3 []

You can add some more tiles at the top and stuff :3 or whatever.


olz...das is recht hart meines erachtens nach o.O<---me playing your map^^

just leaving until until june or july

Oh yeah, when can we do that? I'm not available all this week as I have important exams but at the weekend, I'll have loads of time.


10 episoden.

Hey nevershine

Würdest du gerne mein erstes mappack testen? Du brauchst nreality.

Oh, und denk bitte nicht, dass ich dein mappack nur so ausführlich getestet hab, damit du jetzt meins testest. Du kannst natürlich auch absagen.


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