Permanent Passenger

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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal passenger permanent prophet unrated
Created 2009-11-14
Last Modified 2009-11-14
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Description Lived in a field, died in a field.

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it's so amazing to see how you've changed as time passed by...
look at cheesemonger's maps and you'll see what I mean...
yeah, just like chume14 said.
would have been rated between 3 and 4.

...and as time passed by nothing of my question-asking nature changed, so here I go again: How can I add a picture to my signature if it has no url, but is just saved on my pc? How did you upload yours?


referring to this I think I might actually redo the game-play some time on that since I'm a better mapper now than I was then I think.

Remember when you figured something prophetic out from my profile? Well, /oneupped--I fixed it. So there.

Had to brag. ;)

I need a name.

for my best map ever. now!


not the fastest route but definitely one of the most badass.

I loved the thwumps and everything else in this map but not the exit-key it was annoying to get it in that little chimney bit. Still fun map your maps are very good these days.
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yeah well

I ran out of time for blur. Twas a good competition though :D


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is this cheating?

I don't know
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