really easy. yeah

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Author iSuCkAtThIs77
Tags action author:isuckatthis77 playable rated
Created 2005-11-17
by 6 people.
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Description This is the first good map i made... if it glitches, tell me, cause it did that to me once. it has four rooms that are pretty simple, and the fourth one has launch pads all over the walls, so have fun. i just experimented on this one. i need help, so leave comments!


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I made this map before i even looked at any user levels. Don't hate.

That was sarcastic if you didn't realise that.

Great job on...

...stealing some ideas from some of our best mapmakers.

I'm sorry,

I lied. This level probably deserves a 3. I made that comment when I was a noob, and I know much better now. 2.5/5 if I could vote again, and -fav

really great map!

I love this map. It took me a while to beat the launchpad part, but here's the result of that. Definitely a 5/5.

Hope to see some more of your maps.
Demo Data

simply the best

that was the best level i've played in a long time. really carefully thought out... i liked how you had to go around the circle four times to actually cage in the laser drone. i guess i could use a little practice at the launchpad room... anyway, really fun. 5/5