Map One Hundred

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Author geti
Tags author:geti drops flow monkey playable race rated
Created 2009-11-17
Last Modified 2009-11-17
by 13 people.
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Description Bio Study - 30 minutes.
Race. Do it. Deds for particularly flowy runs if i see fit. Shock me. Make this worth the lost marks.
I made this cause of the drops in it, and for Altemo and Spudzalot.

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not as fast as boonie, though...
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Demo Data


Demo Data


Its nice, a lot better than I expected it to be. Was fun dodging the gausses.4.
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fastest i can get

going the flowy way.
english tomorrow, its late, bed time.
boonie, nice speed right there.
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congrats on 100 maps :D

congrats on 100

this was a nice map to play on.

and an agd :P
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cheers guys

I'll rate all the demos next time I'm making a map, probably tomorrow night. Off to quite seriously try to absorb the knowledge from my bio book now.

oh well

yall beat me to it
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Thanks for the ded. :D This is fun to highscore.
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HAPPY 100th

And a very flowy map you`ve got here.

Happy 100
Demo Data

maybe flowy

like the tiles
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100 maps, well done :D


Keep making me do this shortshift
Its therapeutic or something.

good fun

just what I needed right now <3
Demo Data

cheers apse

I was in a rush, but i'm pretty happy with the flow, so here it is.


bit rough, but dodging all those gausses was fun.