Building Dash

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Author jslimb
Tags author:jslimb escape nreality rated speedrun
Created 2009-11-17
Last Modified 2009-11-17
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description You are trapped in a secret building.
Use many stuffs to escape.
Color mods are not much confusing.
___Requires Nreality and PLEASE USE the file of nreality in

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that laser is awesomely exploitable. Love it. Would 5.

0th place NReality!:
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This is one of the



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Demo Data
5aved! :D

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I just didn't feel it was that well used same with the laser and rocket and the drones which didn't move till triggered they just weren't that well use is what I was saying. Basically my favourite bit was the elevators


The "elevators" could have been timed better
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That laser has a lot of glitches. I did't like the text. The map had a very, "haunted hotel" feel to me.
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At first, the rocket was supposed to be pause in few seconds when you east the key and shoot it again.

And it's strange that the 'maps using text-drones' I've seen are very few.

If you think

that ghost is an annoying enemy, just run fast as you can at that road(the ghost will stop soon of the trigger).

-Rocky drone elevators
-Trigger keys
-Text drones
These are the useful enemy/objects.

you used

some great mods! i like the mine-door at the end :) but there is a bit object spamming, so the rocketlauncher didn't work...
all in all 4/5

so -so

but still liked the map 4 up
and the 2 mines moved out the way was cool in fact the whole elevator thing was cool other parts like the ghost were meh


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