Pimp my elephant

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Author brainstone
Tags author:brainstone elephant my n-art pimp rated
Created 2009-11-17
Last Modified 2009-11-17
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Fakir: You. Guys from "Pimp my elephant". MY one looks so terrible and boring. Can You pimp it up?
Pimper: Show me the animal, man!
Pimper: Okay, first we POLISH it.
Pimper: This elephant gets a coloured windshield and NITRO.
Pimper: Then we install a TRUNK EXTENSION.
Pimper: Now, we cover it with GOLD PAINT.
Pimper: At last, we build in EXTRA-COMFORT-SEATS.
FAkir: Befor this, my elephant was LAME. Now it`s awesome. Thanks MTV, for PIMPING MY ELEPHANT.

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Very Funny!

Fabulous maps.

This is the single best map idea ever.
but i'm glad you got enough testers :)


sick elephant, man

Demo Data
due to MTV my elephant is HOT now.

I like this.