Red Snow Falling Down II

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Author nnds
Tags action author:nnds hard nreality playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-11-17
Last Modified 2009-11-17
by 30 people.
Map Data

Description This is my new nreality, puzzle, action map
I used the concept of my RSFD map [] and make a action map.
a lot of hours of work i spend in this map
try and have fun.


I used many object pathing mods, triggered keys, ninja mod jea lots of work ^^

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I like how the mines travel through the thin tiles! 5aved! :D

very slow AGD ^^
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look at my profile, i have made a tutorial of some nreality mods

I really wanna

try this, but I don't know how to use nreality. (sorry for hogging up your comment space)

This is great

Amazing use of mods... 5/5
I am actually not a Nreality fan. It was because this was amazingly fun to play and it felt fresh, that I gave this a 5aved.

Just because it's nreality doesn't mean it's awesome. I gave it a three personally.


def 5/5


thats the shiz

Really easy. Nice map though. 4/5


That start is amazing, that gravity mod, then it ends, then restarts?!?!?! then you actually figured out how triggers work... wow =P

epic job, felt a huge improvement over the trial "RSFD" map.


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bad timing

with the second launchpad.
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not a fan

too awkward..


feels like..

another game. incredibly much work, I guess. I think this deserves a 5.

feels like..

another game.

this is awesome :D

freak... 5/5

the start is a combination of a ninjamod and a placetriggereddronetiming xD don't now the real name of it ^^

much better with the edit you made
Demo Data
Don`t say you triggered the ninja.
5/5 by the way.
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sry your demos will not work anymore (update)
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I can't figure out this part
Demo Data

first try death
Demo Data

hol. shyt.

how on EARTH. insta fave. 5/5