Operation glidethrough

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Author brainstone
Tags author:brainstone nreality puzzle rated
Created 2009-11-18
Last Modified 2009-12-15
by 14 people.
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Description Use nreality
Please play, I spent 3 and a half hours on this.
EDIT: One thing to know: The more away the blocks are from the start place, the less resistant are they.

EDIT: 15. 12. 2009. Yes! YES!!! Dronies nominated. One of my dreams ever since. Thanks to all nominators and everyone who is going to vote for the map.

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still haven't checked out the others, but this is one sweet Nreality map ;D

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Slow AGD

Awesome demo, kk; almost as awesome as this map, which is fantastic. Great concept, executed in the typical Brainstone style; great work!
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as far as i got
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A lil faster AGD

I keep missing that one cj D:
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fastest yet?
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ich dachte das sind quasi die schergen des zauberers xD
oger trolle und weitere unholde xD


kanns sein das in deiner geschichte garnich gegen den drachen gekämpft wird^^
(mach mehr nrealitymaps rei ins pack plz xD)


nich im vertrag
is kein TM oder R hinten dran haha
wärste halt net zu faul gewesen zum patentamt zu gehn^^


Great use of the blocks, although i didnt have to use two of them...
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this was awesome

5aved for sure :)


very slow but i got it
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really cool concept! The puzzles you made with the bounceblocks were really clever. faved
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it is impossible...too long without enough gold...

the last room is too random for my taste

First try agd death super long demo
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It's weird

quite difficult to get the hang of, nice concept though.


=D i love this concept. very nice. added to my faves on my profile.
The map`s kinda hard.
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