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Author KlanKaos
Tags author:klankaos mapathy unrated
Created 2009-11-18
Last Modified 2009-11-18
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Description Man, my day has just degenerated into uncaring.

I started off with this fantastic dream, right? And then I got to school, and had to miss my music class to study math, then I had PE and felt terrible, so I didn't like it. Anyways, I'm down to the bottom of my love barrel. This map happened a few days ago and I just edited it a bit because it needed more. Anyways, enjoy this, it's the first thing that's happened in my mapping career in a while.

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I just have had a day that was entirely unspectacular. Not bad, just not good. It's all fine. I just wanna go home and sleep.

I was gonna post on here, "How are ya," 'cause I hadn't seen you around in a while, and then I read the description.


Faster speed.

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I never even had that problem. I guess my route for that gauss is just different enough that it doesn't happen.

@MCKY: Yeah man, I lurk the MotA forum to see what's goin' down, but no shit ever happens that I need to be around for, and I've been playing too much WoW lately, heh.

Have a speedrun
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gauss irks me
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Hasn't happened often lately, but I do what I feel like. =)