Where the Sidewalk Ends

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Tags action atob-inspired author:zthing ends rated sidewalk zmap
Created 2009-11-18
Last Modified 2009-11-18
by 16 people.
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Description Strange things take over. []

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Kinda puzzle-ish. Looks nice.
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Thank you very much! :D


then get irc :D

do you have xfire, skype or icq?

please leave me a link on one of my maps

when your 100th is out



Getting the gold that was right near the mines got a little difficult... but i like it. 3.5^

before you

leave will you make a collab map with me but i will post it

do you like

my new map i think its a failiure
Or later this day considering it is 12:01 for me right now :)
Yeah, I haven't been around numa for a while, now summer's over. Apparently you're heading off soon for a while as well. And you've been quite busy since I left. I owe you plenty of plays/rates/comments. Won't be able to play them all, but tonight I'll get on it. I'd play them now, but I'm busy making pointless top 5 lists for my maps...



have an agd I like this map very much
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but where did you get them? i want to lern all modifications of N... also the colour-mod
the whole thing where it shows the wrong number of rated maps is really annoying me now if you have any points on the feedback thing can you please vote for the one which is like fix rated maps :)


*sigh* wont be as special but cant to anything about it now...


do you no what would be great...well for me anyway if for your last map we collab?

when you

leave i will miss you :(



Realy like the gameplay
It was much fun to play ;)

nice gameplay

I like the tiles and gold. Really well executed map
I have a few things I am working on.
Want to collab?

best book.


i dont understand

still i no you have to do

on my profile

could you create me a link for my 50th map please


faved so i can look at it tomorow.

thanks iban
gold is too ;D

I think that's cause you say it a lot ;)
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beaten again Z

for some reason I remember saying that before
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thanz yahs
collecting gold = AARGGGPHLLTH

Demo to follow. Have a five cuz im feeilng jenerus and beecous i cant spel

Sample Speedrun

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