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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading jawbit rated relaxing-map
Created 2009-11-19
Last Modified 2009-11-19
by 8 people.
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Description ive been away for a while had a little break but since jawbit insisted i made another map i made this. ded to jawbit great friend who wants more from me which i was glad to hear. this map is a relaxing speedrun highscore map just downloaded nreality so if anyone could give me tips on background pics and mods would be greatful.

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cheers thanks for looking at my maps much appreciated ;)
although its not that relaxing even tho there are minimal enemies. you haveto make some stressful jumps in this map.
(lol) just letting you know.

O.k agd
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check out my profile ;)


like it. speed runs look fun heres my first try DD kinda fail but AGD looks fun. i like the first jump it almost got me :D
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i agree

with you jimmy

i agree

with you jimmy

great flow

why do people speedrun these amazing AGD maps?
takes all the fun out :P
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as for this one

I like the simplicity - usually your maps are packed with objects, so this is a nice change.


sorry I missed your three new map, I was at soccer - I'll check them out now :)


nice do you like this map?


thx im nice:) but yeah, most of time i only play this game at school and make maps at school. XD


guys what great friends u guys are ;)


lol fail
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very slow speed

I believe sub 300 is possible...
1. Download []

2. Open the program

3. Open N program

4. Load JUST your tiles into Ned

5. Make N fullscreen and take a screenshot (press the printscreen button on your keyboard)

6. Paste the screenshot into (it will ask you to expand the canvas, click "keep canvas size")

7. Click the magic wand tool and set it to 0% tolerance

8. Use the magic wand and click the dark grey part of the tiles (the dark grey background will turn blue)

9. Look at the top menu bar and click the Image button and then click Crop (the LIGHT grey part should now be checker-patterned)

10. Click the dark grey part AGAIN with the wand and this time, click Image and then click Resize. Resize it to 792 x 600

That's it. From step 10 you can paint the dark grey tiles any color to change the foreground image. ALWAYS save the image as a PNG file, never JPEG because JPEG doesn't support transparencies. Then, just upload your image at a place like tinypic [] and your good to go.

If you need any extra help with image mapping, please refer to this very helpful tutorial. []

Sorry for the long comment, but I hope I helped.


Welcome back dude. I will post an nreality foreground tutorial in a sec.
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i always forget the demo.
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relaxing........ SPEED!!!! lol

ok this is

a cool map very relaxing i think its better when you dont use the walls or touch the floor more of a challenge.