winter is upon us

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading fbf gold mines rated sequel
Created 2009-11-19
Last Modified 2009-11-19
by 11 people.
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Description sequel to my last map i think its kind of got to be a ded to fbf!! copied the mines with gold in the middle so its for you fbf. hope its better than the first ;) RCE

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all of it except the fact that you have to climb the walls on the side. i hate that part, it's boring and kinda contradicts with the whole floating theme you had.

but it looks quite good and i like everything else about it.

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where do you live then (country, possibly city)? Its early morning here, its only 6:17 here... it sounds like you might live in Europe somewhere... maybe... =P


i like this one better than the last one nice ADG challenge heres my attempt i think i missed on though..
4.5/5 :D
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theres lots of stuff to do and lots of fun jumps to pull off, like Z said

gold on the left

its quite the opposite of impossible. idk how else to get it. makes the AGD slow as hell

fun map, good flow in the middle.
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i thought the

objective is to collect the gold apart from on the left which is pretty much impossible but i think this map deserves 5/5!!!

slightly better

it's a good map to practice corner kicks
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slow completion

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speedrun = death
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