Metro Aviation

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Author Riobe
Tags action air author:riobe fun hard playable rated
Created 2009-11-19
Last Modified 2009-11-19
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Soar, ninja, soar.

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Demo Data


damn lol now demo
Demo Data

not agd but

heres a demo. is it supposed to work like this?


I might have cheated a little XD

4/5 - nice tiles and stuff, like always, but i think the cross back to the launchpad, rather than just jumping straight off the right hand one was a bit of a chore.

Still, my route works ^^
Demo Data

I love your

maps i would love to make a race map but it would come out shitty haha what makes a good race map?

<%maxson> Riobe
<%maxson> that jump seriously kicks ass
<~Riobe> sup
<~Riobe> :D
<~Riobe> I NO RITE
<%maxson> but i don't like the back-and-forthness
<~Riobe> but the rest-
<~Riobe> haha thought so
<%maxson> or the right side too much at all >.>
<%maxson> left side was fun
<%maxson> i'm going to give it a high 3/3.5v
<%maxson> in the end you get 3 ninjas


like the tile and the title :D
I love the rocket launcher. The tileset is also very exciting.

The title kicks ass

just sayin'