Sing Once Again With Me, A Strange Duet

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Author KlanKaos
Tags action author:klankaos harmony rated sexy
Created 2009-11-21
Last Modified 2009-11-21
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description This map embodies everything that is good in my style, I think. I don't want to sing its praises too heavily, but this is some of the most attractive work I've ever put out. There's difficulty for those who wish it, in the gold, and there's no path too easy. It's crafted from entirely E tiles, which was not my original intent, but I found it worked amazing well.

The map isn't linear in any way, shape or form, but it has its suggestions to make to you. There's relaxed puzzlement to be had with the drone dancing in the middle, and there's action with the rocket, and there's tense jumping with some floorguards, though it's not overpowering. My maps have been critiqued as too hectic, and I agree, so this one isn't so manic. Feel free to take it slow.

I just hope this gets some of the attention I feel it deserves. I don't want this to slip under the radar like some things I have done that I've felt are unbelievable. Play this. Play it thoroughly, and play it intensely. Play it how you like.

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Wow hard

But i'm favorited this for being able to see and play it later. Because it seems fun.

Yes we should

you start please.

Oh and I found the map extremely pleasing. The drone mechanics were great, not too simple or overwhelming. I found the gold sexy as hell and yeah, it was super fun.


dude ur awesome imma rate 5 cos uv been sniped.


I suspect by the person with a DDA on hot maps.

Come on.

confuzzling map in the center.
but good.
overall 4.5
and since I can't see any of the forum topics, I have plenty of time. These [] were what it originally came from.


Yeah, I know, flag. Thanks for not messing my histogram, but srsly, it's not deserved. That map is a quirky one, and I love it for that, but it's worth a four at best. My problem with the rates it got were the ones that were like 'dude ur awesome imma rate five coz ur nice'.

@Cheez: Collabsex? We should.


Electrophobe was alright, but pretty simple. A very little area had actual gameplay. I left your perfect rating alone, though. ;)

Gonna play some more of your maps.

Praising them.

I have maps that have FAR higher ratings than they deserve. A rate from you is always worthwhile. If you wanna know what I'm talking about, go read the comments on Electrophobe - fourth on my Recent Maps. That map doesn't deserve a 5.


I honestly can't tell if you're lambasting my standards, or praising them. My sarcasm meter's tired. Don't think I can face getting on the IRC right now. :)

A 4 from flag?

Man, I think I've gotten one of those in my life this far. =P

Incidentally, I'm sure not done playing it. Won't probably get a demo, but I plan to esperiment for at least five more minutes. Fun map.

I didn't mean for playability. Anyway: you're right about AGD. The main deal I have with this so far is length/difficulty curve. Each of the rooms is great individually, and the gold patterns are all cool.

The drone room in and of itself deserves a fave--it's quite unique, as far as I've seen, looks cool, and plays hectic.

Overall a 4-ish.
I thought about that, but decided against it because I figure this map is already complex enough without going into that. I didn't want it to overwhelm.

sexy harmony action
It'd be cool if you opened up one of the pretty thwump rooms, just for kicks. AGD etc coming.