How fast can u do it

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Author ninja_matt
Tags author:ninja_matt chimney unrated
Created 2009-11-21
Last Modified 2009-11-21
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Description mini map i made been done tons of times before i know

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2nd fastest demo

phew, I dont think I could improve more, this was single shifting dude, fun map
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Your demo is like 42 frames fast, there is no need to lie to other people...
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First try

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ps. FBF



i think.
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Demo Data

first try

gracious map, dont fbf ur own maps.
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Get it at and download Nreality 6d4
Go to userlevels, type in the map number.
PLay the map, ctrl+click your demo at the right.

It shouldn't be too hard getting a frame perfect chimney non-fbf consistently, right?

no they arent

i just dont have n reality on my computor

Come on ninja_matt

Your runs are obviously fbf, you don't even bother to submit the m to Nreality to prove otherwise.


wasnt fbf it was non fbf.

first try
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no faster
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