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Author capnshazmo
Tags author:capnshazmo cliffs gauss rated
Created 2009-11-25
Last Modified 2009-11-25
by 14 people.
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Description I was driving back home longing to create and play maps on N, and finally came home. Over excitedly, I ran into the house and threw my drumsticks on the sun room couch and bolted up the stairs. I approached my room and found a nice stack of rapidly increasing quantities of school paper and work. Understanding disappointedly that it was 9:30 p.m. and I haven't started any of the homework for the weekend, I slumped to the stack in defeat. I checked the top paper. "Spanish conjugating verbs." It was a sheet on conjugation verbs that she gave to us. No work needed. I checked the next, a fundraiser paper. And the next wasn't homework-related either. "I guess I have no homework!" I said and turned on the computer.

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Thanks Bro.

I appreciate it 8).

is that I have 11 rates on this map

but only 5 people commented on it.
Enthusiasm makes great maps, 4/5

All gold

Very fun. 5aved
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interesting coincidence :D, and may I ask how you know about me?


map i think i should start rating and commenting on your maps because they are rather good.

The reason im saying it on this map is cause i think its one of your best loved playing it cool tiles.

cool objects which were well placed.

enjoy 5aved.

me likey

teh behginning