01-04 she danced all my life

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Author nevershine
Tags author:nevershine drones gauss rated series survival tn
Created 2009-11-25
Last Modified 2009-11-26
by 17 people.
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Description it's a survival!

/edit/ version with added exit []

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too easy for a survival.. but still better than most coming out these days.

Almost agd.

I really like this, but I think I'd prefer it if you added an exit. There are a couple of spots you can repeat in and survive indefinitely.
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Oh, and Please...

hurry up playtesting the mappack, because the dronies are getting nearer. I want the pack to be ready until then, though I don`t know what would happen then. I just want it to be finished.
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thanks! glad you like it.

But obviously, agding this is much more exciting than just surviving it. So if haven't tried an agd yet, go for it.
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awesome survival map, best ive ever seen really. 5aved

my best so far

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Yeah, I don't really like survivals but this is something special.



I rate this 4.5

and... round up.

But here`s an AGD

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shows pretty well how the map goes.

Reminds me of rogue likes, hunting for treasure while monsters crawl about the tunnels, no way to win.

you just need to keep moving.
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I don´t like surivals but this is very cool

Beat me to it. Anyways, the map is delightfully you, from the tiles to the thumps.

You make survivals?

A demo to kick things off
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