Disruptive Beam

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Author MyCheezKilledYours
Tags author:mycheezkilledyours featured moa-reject rated
Created 2009-11-25
Last Modified 2013-06-30
by 12 people.
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Description there was previously a dumb description here but it has since been removed - 6/29/2013

This map was featured on 2009-12-29

//warning...........beam charging..........
//warning...........beam ready.............
//warning...........beam firing............
//clear.............disruption complete....
//warning...........beam infiltrated.......

You need to override the magnetic core. You can do so by collecting atomic particals that will charge the beam, but it's internal mechanics are highly explosive and electrical. Once you've dislodged the high speed circuit breaker, you only have little time to escape.
-Karmap0lice — Seneschal

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jeez, nevermind, map loaded wrong and appeared that the drone was stuck in a tile.

2 featured maps..

this was pretty tricky, but a lot of fun, whats up with that drone?


I think it was too much gold.

I was like



stunning tiles, decent play.


karma and Seneschal!!!

I was thinking of reviewing this too!
Congratz!! :)

Decent AGD

I like this a lot.

Demo Data

Grats, Cheez

You deserve it :)

I was thinking of featuring this. Really cool.


But aww, I was gonna review this ;______;

Remember this one on Memoirs. Too much gold.

good map!

Thanks for this clickable link. I shall leave, but I shall also be back.

Map is awesome. You are awesome. Ninjas are awesome. Pies are awesome. I love me some pie. :3


you should get rid of the trapdoor, and move the drone to the left 1 E tile, other then that, GREAT MAP! alright demo.
Demo Data []


map loved the tiles

cool thumb, man


This beam disrupted me. ;_;

could you link me to the dronie nomination page?