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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ baby-puncher-pack conen thanksgiving unrated wingclip
Created 2009-11-27
Last Modified 2009-11-27
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Description Im about to throw up and if I look at one more damn scrap of turkey I'm going to all over this keyboard. Anyway, I hope everybody enjoyed their feast.

On a day like today, I( dunno, I just felt it would be right to put a map up. This particular map is very special to me because it is FROM MY MAPPACK, which I am still working on and am very proud of so far. I hope that some of you are excited for its release or have at least heard of it.

Anyway, this isnt one of the best from the pack, I'll save those for you guys to play later. But this one is still pretty coolio IMO.

So anywhooooooo... ENJOY!!

Feedback and comments are GREATLY appreciated, thank you.

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Thanks a bunch Conen. :)

Oh, and Losttortuga made that tileset and placed like 80% of the objects haha. I just sat back and whipped him while beautiful women feed me grapes that stylish way you see in movies. ;D

awesome map.


ouch demo included.


i love you.
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lol thanks :] I just noticed I have the fastest demos on your last 15 maps O_O I really like you ;]

faster is possible, but it's a good start. Great tiles & gameplay, like this ;]
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