Door Kickjump

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing credit-to-tro normal-door simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque unrated
Created 2009-11-27
Last Modified 2009-11-27
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Description A simple-challenge-esque map. All you have to do is get a low corner jump off the door. (almost a corner kick, but not quite...)

It's pretty tough, but a demo is provided.

Credit to TRO [] for giving me the idea for this challenge last night.

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did it once

on my 3rd try, and now i cant do it again
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Demo Data

did you

like my 20ton? sorry to be annoying :(

Triple New Link []

New New Link []

New Link []

Link []


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Demo Data


To show you how...

I guess this could be called a corner kickjump.
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Q and A

Q - Wait, Meta, Aren't corner jumps and corner kicks the same thing? o_O

A - Maybe to some people, but the way TRO and I see it, corner jumps are where you are going up, and use a corner to gain more height, while corner kicks are where you are going down, and kick off the corner to survive the landing or gain speed.