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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags author:wordblamcreator challenge prize puzzle simple unrated wbc
Created 2009-11-28
Last Modified 2009-11-28
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description first person to post a completion demo gets a demo/rating on one of their maps, their choice which.

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As far as simple challenges go, this was way too easy.
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this was my 4th try.
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Not too hard

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This [] map. I like it a lot, and I want it to have more rates and comments :)
This was a very challenging map; at times it was fun, tough, annoying, and I felt a sense of gratitude whenever I jumped straight through the two blocking launchpads on either side. Proving that this map is in fact not impossible (although it does look like it) also makes me feel good.
A fantastic challenge, this is 5/5 and Favourited, not only as 'Faved', but on my profile to.


so it is possible... meh. c'est impossible for me. But we have different skill levels, so I might have had to adjust :/



ps. sorry for spamming your map :)
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No, it's not

as close as I can get,
But, it IS possible!!
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