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Author powerblip
Tags action author:powerblip hard intense kilobyte playable unrated
Created 2009-11-28
Last Modified 2009-11-28
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Map Data

Description =========================K!L0ByT3==========================
-Did you see that?
-That blip on the screen!
-That's nothing. It's just a program I wrote called Kilobyte.
-Kilobyte? But that's a memory measurement...
-So? It sounds pretty cool. Besides, Kilobyte is a pretty powerful program.
-How so?
-It detects if there's a virus of any size or strength, and immediately erases it!
-Dude, that's been done before. VIrus blockers and all that.
-Yes, but this one lets YOU control the program, and eliminate the viruses yourself!
-Let me try...

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Thanks :)

This is one of my favorite maps that I did back in 2009.

I'm glad you liked it, because I actually made a slightly modified version of this map and may upload it separately.

I also am working on a continuation of this map theme, with a map called "Megabyte". :D

this map is sweet

i would like more like it. i personally loved the second thwump, how its placed not to activate until you jump made that section a lot more interesting. the gold by the launchpad rocket was a tough cookie though. also the squeeze.
Demo Data

:/ []

Thx 4 ur comment.

I really like this map and am going to make a series out of it with the next being Megabyte, then Gigabyte, then Terabyte. lol
The second thwump is activated from only a certain distance. it takes a little fiddling around with to get it just right. i throw in small traps or puzzles like that to keep interest in trying to figure out how to get thru each map.


I liked most of it

except for the second thump, which only activated half the time.