Laser Express

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Tags author:avatar_fanatic hoorah inspiration junction laser unrated
Created 2009-11-29
Last Modified 2009-11-29
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Description Alright, I'm having a good mapping day. I'm glad I came up with this because lately I haven't been having any inspiration. I'm pretty sure this is cheatable (you can get under the spikes), but I don't really care. Anyway, enjoy.
This map is dedicated to rozer [] for his speedrun []. By the way, if you want to get a no-switch or all-switch or AGD in that, feel free. The deds are still open.

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embarassing AGD

I would've liked it more if the gold was more of a challenge, it's kinda just in the way. But the gameplay was nice and simple, and the bounceblocks looked cool.
Demo Data

frame by frame

the thing you can do in Ned when caps lock is off. I'm gonna play this now - looks kinda fun


i would say no, but people really aren't demoing this at all, so sure you can do fbf, but if someone gives me a non-fbf demo, I'm gonna give them the ded. what is fbf anyway?

gameplay was

pretty good. wasn't a fan of the tiles.


so you count fbf demos for a ded?