Doomed II

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Author powerblip
Tags action author:powerblip doomed expert playable puzzle rated
Created 2009-11-29
Last Modified 2009-11-29
by 10 people.
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Description Closing in. Traps everywhere. No way out. You are Doomed.

The long awaited sequel to one of my best (At least I think so) maps! Doomed was a map with puzzles and traps, all of which the player needed to survive and solve in order to complete the map. This time around, there are more traps, and even a repeated trap from the first map. (Kudos to the first to name that trap.) Doomed II is definitely worth a play or two. Or three. Or four. Hell, just play it two million times until you beat it.


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Good Lord, reading my comments from 2009 is quite the experience lol. Suffice it to say, I've grown a lot as a person and as a level designer since then.

I quite enjoyed revisiting these old trap/glitch maps, and I might try a modern remaster of them with proper attention to the architecture and layout. There's some fun puzzles and traps in this Doomed series, but the tiles and game flow really need a fresh pass. ♦


I'm not quite sure why it is when I get a map rated highly that suddenly everyone has a problem with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking for a rating on the map only, and excluding the tileset from that judgment. I wanted to make a map that focused ENTIRELY on complicated traps and puzzles. Most people seem to have enjoyed it, so I'm sure the "fucking orange" wouldn't mind. lol ;)
If you dont like my map there is noone making u play it or comment on it.

When I first saw

this map, I was like, "Woah, this looks awesome." Playing it, "Niiiice."


me too <3

Nobody likes a seedy orange..


I <3 Orange's comment.

Agreed with ska. Map was uninteresting, aggravating and had no direction whatsoever. Also, you can't say 'oh rate the map but not the tileset plz'. That's bullshit. You can't excuse the flaws in a map by asking the public to simply skirt the issue when rating or commenting. That'd be like me saying, 'enjoy this orange, but ignore the seeds'. The fact remains: there are seeds in the fucking orange, and it hurts when you bite into one.



Why don't ratings just get permanently disabled? Nowadays they're so tainted there's no point in subbing maps for criticism or improvements. I'm with ska.


Right now, powerblip, I'm hoping you are a multiaccounter rating your own maps up. Because honestly, the fact this map is 5/5 from five people is enough to give me a headache. Abysmal map with little saving grace. 1.5/5


Damn me and my knowledge of left and right! I meant to say right in this map. Right.




I actually had some trouble getting out of the first section =D

The traps were soo much fun.

( Oh, and the trap you reused? It's the one with one thwump, the trap immediatly left of the floor guards in this map, and directly below in the original doomed.)

Very nice

I like a good trap. Or ten.


I am very aware that the tileset to this map is deathly sloppy. However, I was more concentrated on creating many traps and puzzles for the player to endure.

So please base your Rating and Comments on the map, but not it's tileset. Thank you.