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Author iSuCkAtThIs77
Tags action author:isuckatthis77 playable unrated
Created 2005-11-18
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Description a map that is similar to my first one, but a bit tougher. still fun though, and it is divided into different sections. the left one is a puzzle-like room where hitting the wrong switch will ge u killed, the middle is a room full of launch pads and lasers, and the right is pretty self-explanatory. just run fast. ;)

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really easy. yeah


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Thanks for the advice. you're probably right...


i didnt rate but what ur doing bad is 1 ALOT of clustering 2 NEVER put more than one jumppad next to each other... 3 its got too many enemies sometimes this is good in this case no... 4 did i mention dont cluster??? 5 dont put that many doors on anything 6 keep it simple not as complicated as that noone like spennding hours getting through things.... 7 try to stick with the one theme.. good luck


don't be dickheads. if you rate it 0/5, firkin tell me why!!!