how fast can u do it 2

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Author ninja_matt
Tags author:ninja_matt easy unrated
Created 2009-11-29
Last Modified 2009-11-29
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Map Data

Description ded to matze16 for the fastest speedrun on n reality for my last map. plz speedrun.

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Fun map
Demo Data

tied the others, not sure what's maxed...

just so you know, I have the fastest speedrun on nreality, can you stop assing around? Even amlt got his demo before matze.
but yeah 137 is maxed lik 99% sure
I'm pretty sure 137 is max.

134 is probably max

Come to think of it.


I died with the door open at 135, so 136 might be max.
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Demo Data


Demo Data

1 frame faster :D
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Demo Data

86.350 seconds

new record
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Demo Data

85.050 seconds