Pathological 4 - Critical Mass

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 drone hard pathological puzzle rated
Created 2009-11-29
Last Modified 2009-11-29
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description There are two things you need to know to complete this map. Firstly all the locked door scaled twice as far away from the centre from their keys in a line and secondly that all the drone have pathing type A (basic anticlockwise). Armed with this knowledge it should be possible to beat the map on your first attempt with a lot of forethought. I highly doubt you will though I got a little carried away.

Some of the keys are needed you some help you some hinder you and a few make the path ahead fatal. If you can complete this before I post my demo in a couple of hours (I want to give you a chance to work it out yourself) I'll give you 10 rce's and a ded and if you can agd it I'll double that. Enjoy

Had to re-list cause it was heavily cheat-able and I couldn't edit sorry.


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no. 46

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So much time spent on AGD just to learn that I can't complete because I accidentally triggered bottom floorguard at beginning of level...

i dont even know

how to start



But pretty amazingly hard too. Your maps are really weird. But they are really cool.
as it is right now. Until then, watch this one I've made (adventure-like) :p
Stardust Fills The Ruins [].
One more for you to enjoy ;)

holy sh**

possibly the most amazing puzzle I have ever played. 5aved.


I didn't believe that, when I read you had written. And most of all I didn't expect it to be a novel like that - very impressive indeed. I'll take back every single frustrated word I said, you're incredible friendly. :D

I can't give any good criticism on this map yet, I'll try and work out myself how to do it, though I can already tell you I'm slightly confused...



5/5 nothing else to say

I can't beat it and it lags for me though T.T

Sorry about this.

Visit phpbb!

(Sorry) Learning how to use links.
huge, but it's too hard for me, or at least too annoying imo to try and finish, :/ still nice though.

Gracias for comment on my map :)

this map is /massive/

Yes I did!

interesting concept. I like how you have to go round the circle to finish the map.
@shadow93kangaroo watch how the order in which I collect the doors steers the drones away from being trapped and later blocking my path that is the key. Also see how the floor-guards need to be lured away in order to reach the exit and key. agd is still up for grabs and this can be done at least a 1000 frames faster
Demo Data
or? show me how to do it... i want to know :D
All those one-ways were actually cheat-able the ones with the bounce-blocks on them stupid really sorry for the re-list I added some mines to solve the problem. I would have just edited but it was rated :(