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Author Ferox
Tags author:ferox beatable fun image-map race unrated
Created 2009-11-30
Last Modified 2009-11-30
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I decided to take a break from my Plasma Net [] series and create this map. I want to see how fast people can beat it.

Please rate and enjoy.

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Just wait for authors to get to know your name.

1) Spend more time on your maps.

2) Play test the shit out of every inch of the map.

3) Make your map fun to play, not annoying.

4) I personally focus on Concept on my maps. Maybe try that...
to complete this map 'fast', it does not make this map a race. A race is an actual genre, not something you put in the tags boxes to mean 'fast'


you tell me what type of maps are extremely popular? Not a single one of my maps in rated.



One of the locked doors doesn't have to be opened. You can touch the exit and win by getting just the exit key and far right switch.

The demos

won't load. Just explain how it's cheatable.

even Faster

still improvable
Demo Data

Faster Cheat xD

Demo Data

In this case,

funky = bright, colorful, hypnotic, cool


What do you mean?

The image is funky


It's cheatable, watch the demo
Demo Data