100 Rabbits

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Author Wizard2
Tags 100 author:wizard2 dda kradda rated
Created 2009-12-01
Last Modified 2019-10-06
by 25 people.
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Description Celebrating Map #100.

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like the bottom right swirl around bit, and the bit near the start where you duck under the launchpad, those bits were genius, the rest was merely great :D
coinsidence man, 100DEADRABBITS is my favourite band atm, I tell you to look them up on youtube but I doubt you'll like them.
I'd so feature this. Very cleverly made KRADDA. 5aved.


I so want your username ;_;

Huh. 5aved.

It just kept lasting, and many of the thwumps were used repeatedly. Coo'.


congrats on your 100th.

The kradda itself is quite good imo, it deserves a high rating just because of it's sheer lenght and the high amount of tile-crossings.

this dda is

amazin... everything is perfect!!!
i know just one DDA what is better

thats amazing.

some of the close calls were too close. I liked that. the thumps and all really worked great. Awesome DDA.
faved 5/5

frikken sick.





wayy better than my dda. anyways this is really good.
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the DDA time of the year!


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absolutely spectacular




4 later.
very nice description

Was meh.

I have yet to see a good KRA with a gauss though....
pretty much what njitsu said happy 100

i like

how far the ninja gets from the rocket at times without losing it

Happy birthday,

The description owns the map though. 5 for the description. Congratz on 100 maps and hopefully 100 more.
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