Sharp Edges

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Author Clifty
Tags author:clifty dda kradda rated
Created 2009-12-01
Last Modified 2009-12-01
by 85 people.
Map Data

Description Hi guys! Anyone remember me?

Just a quick KRADDA I decided to do on the spur of the moment. Started the night before last, worked on it pretty much all of yesterday and finished this morning.

1907 frames, thwump propulsion, rocket goes through the wall 29 times, and only uses 2 and 3 type tiles.


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Oh I miss NUMA and your DDAs.


lol. 5/5. :D

kraddas are dull

i viewed this and i know youve put a lot of effort into it but i was not thrilled by the close calls and rockets through walls anymore. In my opinion kraddas have been overexploited to a point where they are boring. so i rated this 3/5. (dont be too disappointed coz i havnt rated any maps 5/5 yet)


Congratulations on your Dronie Win []


Dont worry about taking ages to reply, but i just thought i would let you know.

Yeah, the load time just gradually increasing every time started to annoy me, but it was totally worth it.

i specially created most of the paths so that they all went in different directions and didnt overlap so much.
I was intending on making another version where i put tiles and tried to create more rocket close calls but i never got round to it.

personnaly i like the beggining of the hold right, and the thwump close call.
awesome, just awesome.

This is a work of art, everything just flows together so nicely. 5/5
Nice to see you back (for the mean time at least)






clifty back and i missed it


You must have some secret formula that allows you to keep on pumping DDAs of this quality.


i brought it up to 5n's


im glad to be around to see a map from you ^^

i dont know how the hell you do these.. especially in such a short time.


the name doesn't ring a bell.


back when we all made our first kra's, we didn't understand what we were doing, and so we usually sent the ninja flying off trapdoors and launchpads, because that's how we had made our other dda's. the thing about a kra is that you usually don't want the ninja to go much faster than the rocket; in fact, you usually want him to go slower. if you keep this in mind making a kradda goes much faster and is much easier; i think "did you ever want to know me" took me about three or four days.


Nice work. Really unique.

<@Izzy> Holy fucking shit.

well, I beat ska, but 3 frames from outright oj...later...
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I don't know why I can't beat ska...Either way, great map, glad you're back!
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Good to see you Cliff, though I doubt you remember me, or even know who I am.

Nice stuff. Very good. Excellent. Better than pie. Incredible. You get the idea.



I got a mpa named Sharp Edges. Here's a link. [] It part of my Speedrunning Shop series.


I've only been here for two months so i dont know ya, but this map is awesome.


i dont think i know anyone who hasnt at least heard of you.
you actually inpsired me on making kraddas, especially th 6 way one.




best dda ever :)

love it




I hate you for being able to do this in a couple of days. I take months to make DDAs, and none are even in the league of this.
I don't remember you.

Clifty's back eh

Well nice DDA to say the least, 5

(shameless advertising etc)
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holy shit

this is amazing

Mekkah's back?

When did he come back


This is outrageous.

And with a burst, the turtle is out once again.
it seems like thats how you could have done it. very very nice job. you seem pro

just as refreshing as Firecracker

sooo ridiculous

how do you do this?


YOU IS RETURN!!!!#@$!@#$!$@#!$@#