Plasma Net 5: Trojan

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Author Ferox
Tags action author:ferox graphics image-map mwm network unrated
Created 2009-12-01
Last Modified 2009-12-01
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Map Data

Description You have made yourself to the core virus and must destroy it. But doing so and making yourself to the exit in time, you make find yourself back in reality.

This will be most likely be my final volume. I may occasionally add a new chapter, but I want to go on creating other levels. Play the rest of the series. []
Use NReality with blue ninja.

Please rate and enjoy.

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thanks for rate

to be honest Im not a fan of palemoon either I never rate his maps haha please dont tell anyone though I'm trusting you as a friend. Also I like your maps as well


am currently working on a level with them.
nice image work! but maybe you should add a colour-converting mod like i did here []
so the N is more visible - but nevermind
you aked for the N Fight images... so will you use them? i am interested

your freaking

images are the shat! (shat = sh*t :P) unfortunatly for me, i havent beat the game, so i dont have any of the colored ninjas. But, very awesome map and i was still able to complete even with a black ninja! 4/5

Crazy image

really fun, kinda retro! 3/5