Long Live

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Tags 20tonchallenge action author:zthing live long rated zmap
Created 2009-12-02
Last Modified 2009-12-02
by 11 people.
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Description My entry for the 20 Ton Challenge []

Enjoy and fave it while you can, I will quickly delist this.

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Didn't like the gold. Hahaha you never delisted this like you said you would.
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from 3 to 4

i gave a 5 :)

a little gay but its ok!


for round 2. gj on the bounceblock placement, that really got you approved :D


you relisted it
the rest was alrgiht... hence the speed run.
the tiles didn't really do much though.
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about the map

the bounceblock is very convenient

the gold is very annoying

the exit placement is stylish
The enemies were well placed, but the tiles and layout made it much more awkward and less enjoyable than this had potential to be. 2/5
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i want to enter, but that would make it my 100th map >_<


will be adding a list of people who are approved, including map.

i cant

believe im top mines crap

Nice amlt

Improvable speedrun

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ok i understand

map was fun, i liked the bb and gauss
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Nope. Not my official 99th. That's why it shall be delisted.

advice taken.. faved.. does this count as your 99th map?

i am about to play and rate it