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Author Seneschal
Tags 20tonchallenge author:seneschal unrated
Created 2009-12-02
Last Modified 2009-12-02
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Description For the contest thing; I was bored, and needed a break from English homework.

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for a fastest agd contest, neither to hard, nor ridiculously easy
I really liked that one.
just a shame the tileset wasn't that good, but I guess that had to do with the competition thing, right?

Satisfying map.

Also good to know there's a fellow Brit around :)

Not sure what competition this was for, but I'm sure that explains the sparse nature of objects + tiles. I enjoyed it all the same.
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Demo Data

Here's an AGD

I got one switch, but I didn't use the path that the door opened.
Demo Data
but i guess maybe diversity is the theme... pretty nice for that...

Great song



its approved

Not approved

but you tried :/
go for an AGD without getting either switch; like this one:
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AGD Death

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