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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ battlements conen enemy terminal11isawesome unrated
Created 2009-12-02
Last Modified 2009-12-02
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Description A few parts in this map I found pretty cool.


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how awkward

i actually remember playing this a few years back. :o

unfortunately, i am not a fan. 3 rockets at once is simply too much to be enjoyable. it limits the amount of routes and makes the map much too stressful. (see demo)

also, here is the start of a collab - . you and i have attempted many collabs, and pretty much every time i feel like you add too many objects. so try to take a more minimal approach. (i'm only being rather bossy because you and i are well acquainted :D)
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You had to have

this rocket dodge :p Death demo
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1. A laser drone that ventured into the tunnel when you got the exit switch by use of sliding doors, trap doors and locked doors.
2. Removal of the mines in the first "room" you come across when running down the tunnel.
3. Removal of the gauss turret and rocket launcher in the tunnel area, as well as the one-ways under the gauss.

Other than that I think I liked it.

i had an epic run. i like how agd on this map is nearly down to luck--the amount of enemies was what made this interesting.
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had a very alien-y landscape to it.

a bit overkill with the enemies, but I couldn't stop playing, first completion, so I got scared at the tunnel X]
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epic fail of a demo


i adore the objects and tiles on the top. very nice map
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