Poetry of A Scourge

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Author powerblip
Tags action author:powerblip gold medium playable speedrun unrated
Created 2009-12-03
Last Modified 2009-12-03
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first try agd

it's nice and relaxed, like an episode opener. i also like that you have to be a bit creative to get to the door ledge, but there's no noisy threats
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2022 nostalgia run

I'm going through and trying to see which of my old maps are still fun to play.

This one wasn't a bad last map to leave on, I think. The flow needs some work, and the gold placement is a little too scattered, but it's got a few good concepts going for it.
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This was

one of my first maps in this style. and i think it sux. lol thank u for ur comments.
1. someone tell me what agd means pls.
2. i made this map quick-hurry style, so... yea i kno it seems unfinished

slow speed xD

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this map reminds me a lot of this map []

Mostly because of the tiles..

and, why is it that the bottom right seems unfinished?


first try agd

i do wish it was a bit more difficult
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