Restorative Night

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Author MattyMc13
Tags 60 author:mattymc13 ded etdeshon metaing race rated
Created 2009-12-03
Last Modified 2009-12-04
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Tiles are a bit simple, but I like this race.
Ded to Meta_Ing [] for the fastest speedrun here []. Also, thanks to etdeshon [] for playtesting.

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yeah yeah,

kiss my ass. xD
we all had to start somewhere right? haha.
but the tiles were more or less your average.

I see your point

but were the tiles alright?
but this is quite below average. you have done so much better, and are quite above this. this was mundane when it was not bumpy, and uninteresting and boring at best.
they look better in full though, but they feel thick to me, it's hard to describe
Well, I'm not sure about the tiles; I liked them, but then I didn't and after that I liked them again and... They're good, I guess :P...

... Anyway, the race feels a little generic, but that doesn't matter, because the flow's pretty good and the enemies work well^^... 4


flow, and good use of laser drones. 4.5^ coz im feelin nice :)


i really liked this race with the laser tunnels. especially the last one. Really fun. =D

Happy 60
Nice map, tiles were very nice :}

though i liked

the previous aesthetics, these are pretty good as well. flow in general was great, i loved it. hope to see more soon! 4.5v/5.

Oh and your welcome for playtesting, im always here for playtesting or collabing. (speaking of which i gotta get back with grn about ours) xD
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So Happy 60th

Thanks for looking at my map. I seem to have what you would call messy gold placement.
pure fun and easy to find flow.
though from the left chimney till the end the flow sorta declined. and also i noticed that parts of flow sorta repeated itself...though i guess that isn't all bad..

4/5 and an agd

and an agd
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Pretty good.

As ZTHING said, the lasers are quite good. Intuitive and fun. 4aved.
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Slow AGD

I'm sure I did something wrong. . .

I really liked the flow in this one. The lasers were great too. 4.5
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here's a demo

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