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Just missing the spring break, but that's coming on Friday. A very appropriate map for today, for me at least. Chillax, indeed. 3'd.

applause etc
that's a pretty good shooting percentage


none of those really apply...

Looks great.

Just not particularly fun.
is the best phrase I've read in god knows how long.
Look at it this way: Each map has a style bucket. This map's bucket is overflowing with the style. Like the style is flooding over the rim of the bucket, and cascading down onto whatever is below that style bucket.


(Sen, I love you.)


No, go ahead. I didn't know whether you were giving up your feature for this, and I am always looking for extra days, because southpaw says I can't have a month.
"Si flagmyidol n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer."

No, no, no. Not at all. I love your reviews. I was implying that you might think that /I/ had another joke ready for Friday.

In fact, it's a nevermore map. So.

Still up to you.




Are you implying that my reviews are jokes?


Get on IRC furry.

Slappy, you can if you really want to, but I have a great map lined up, as opposed to a joke.

Oh flag. You never fail to amuse me. Apart from that one time you featured that tileset_maker map.
I still do. Sorry flag, but this was a very bad choice.

And what the fuck is up with that review? It's similar to that "tileset_maker" feature that you reviewed. You seem to be a very irresponsible character.




We need a feature that shows you posts in the interim of your post.


I have your feature on the nineteenth, then?
I didn't think it likely that 179 would show up, but if he does, he can have my spot in two days.



It's quite lonely up there but still very beautiful.
this is a great map sidke.

Demo Data



When I feature this map there will be much ironic debate about it's legitimacy.


Bupo for admin 2010?

Slow AGD

Demo Data


get your infallible arse back onto IRC sometimes!


: )

like the tiles. fun map.

Nice, chilly

map. 4/5 :)
Demo Data

i completely agree with ur description