Complex over troubled water

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Author brainstone
Tags adventure author:brainstone rated
Created 2009-12-04
Last Modified 2009-12-05
by 8 people.
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Description I spent 3.5 F***ing hours to make the gameplay enjoyable and fitting to the tileset. That was not easy. Please comment, whether you like it, or if you think I should`ve just submitted the tileset.

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i saw a twuck this big!!!

haha squiddy

I was just about to ask that

was trouble meant to be spelt like that?

sad that this was on the verge of being a great map. The bad bb placements and the slight bad timing of the drones made this map pretty annoying. Other than that, I really liked this, the middle section was great and really fun
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like those hours are paying of it thought the tiles were amazing object placement was good as well. 5
And strongly suggest you to stay away from N-arts ;D

is that a simon & garfunkel reference?

I disagree

I liked the open rocket section at the start
Demo Data
were much more fun than the onpen parts, and the mine placement is great.

Loved it

Your refining was not in vain =)