άδεια τώρα

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Author Rhekatou
Tags author:rhekatou collab medium minion-of-pi moa-reject symmetry unrated
Created 2009-12-04
Last Modified 2010-02-23
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A collab between me and Minion of Pi [].

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why dont you?


Well, this [] is all I know.
its confusing.

there's nothing wrong with whining, i think.

just because you're fat doesn't mean we can't love you, eganic


i've knowingly disappeared from the goings on around here because im sick and tired of all the childish antics and the poorly conceived and enforced rule system. im rarely agreed with because this site really is, as overused as this phrase is, a popularity contest. i contradict a few things and im labelled as a spoil-sport for life by those childish losers with authority. im rarely on the forums nowadays because i dont like it there. for the most part, if im ever on here its playing/commenting on others' maps or submitting maps of my own. i do map for myself. if i didnt enjoy mapping i would've been gone months ago and you would all be able to carry on with your stupid, ignorant, naive sense of responsibility and importance.

also, i've thought moa was jank for the longest time.

also, i had greenblack labelled as "unimportant noob" when it was active.

this website is a twisted, juvenile creation run by nerdy, conceited high school to college-aged boys without the slightest clue how to regulate a community, let alone one on the internet. it's Lord of the Flies for the 21st century, and i'm Piggy.

i hate it here, but i love mapping and i want other people to acknowledge my improvement. i thought featuring maps was a selfish idea that would irritate people from the beginning.

Thanks for the comment on my map. Much appreciated.

I didn't like the look of the launchpads, but it was fun to collect the gold.
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pfft. I just googled the title for hits, and that's what I found.


think thats how you spell it...
you've got 16 registered maps, i've been here since '07. ergo, im not obligated to take "don't whine" from you. show some respect, or earn it from me with a significant map or a valid rank in the community. to me, your name hardly stands out from a crowd of dozens of stereotypical noobs who haven't impressed me.

i've done my best to make my mark and i think i've succeeded in some areas. i've done some arguing and i've made some nice maps to get where i am today, and im still not as Top Dog as i'd like to be. astheoceansblue knows who i am. kablizzy knows who i am. lord_day knows who i am. be here for another year, then complain to me. maybe at that point you'll be able to convince me of something.

some good and bad areas, could've been way better imo
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you changed it, to some random photo.
but it might be a part of the conflict that's happening in relation to the 'invisible children' forced to fight and kill for a reason that isn't a parentent.