Lethal Njection

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Author jparth_1994
Tags author:jparth_1994 dronemod injection nreality playermod rated
Created 2009-12-05
Last Modified 2009-12-05
by 6 people.
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Description Here's the story:
You are the product of a medical experiment that will be used to kill people. You are the "N" virus. You have been injected into the bloodstream of a "volunteer" to test the effects of "n1N1".

(I hope you like it!)
{needs nreality}

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this is the best use of flymod ever! plays epic good!
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holy crap,

YOU can ACTUALLy FLY? whenever you WANT tooOOO?! :O

Holy crap

This is awesome. 5aved, no question. Sweet description too, "n1N1" actually made me laugh. Cool stuff, dude.
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it plays awesome

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