04-00 Exogenesis

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine featured landscape rated sequel series tn
Created 2009-12-06
Last Modified 2009-12-06
by 24 people.
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Description sequel. [] dedicated to Muse.

inspired by Losttortuga. also map #99!


This map was featured on 2010-11-17

All great authors stand on the shoulders of giants; but this is beyond giant - this is pure genius. Nevershine in all his maps has never constructed a map that fuses gameplay so seamlessly with a tileset; the rockets connoting a creeping threat hiding in a corner amidst a cavernous chamber and the lustrous gold enticing, but is fraught with potential peril for your unfortunate ninja. When gameplay perfectly integrates with a great tileset, then you know you're onto something big; and this ... is big.


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Wow, this is great!

Objects are perfectly placed, difficulty is perfect, length is perfect, length is great, and it's named after exogenesis! Brilliant!
Coming back was the most fun.


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Demo Data


that usually doesn't go over well



Hab 10 von den bisherigen 21 Maps gefaved.
Zwar doch etwas weniger als die Hälfte, aber wirklich... ganz große Klasse! Weiter so!^^

cant wait

for 100th will be spectacular!! 5 for this also

Sure shine, anything for you

100th []

Thanks, <3

Here you go []

he has 4 other add ons as well, you need to install greasemonkey first before installing his add ons. You can easily search greasemonkey on mozilla add-ons.

A cliff map? Sure. :3
And thanks for holding it off. Your maps are quite a bit better then mine, I don't think anyone would see my one if yours were there. I appreciate that man. :)

It is true, yes

I don't have a clue which map it is though.
There was a competition held on the old forums about it.

I'll get ICQ and message you when it's set up. ;D

Nope, none of those, whetever they are. I'm not on irc or the forums either. . .
And it seems my previous comment never posted, so I will repeat it:

Thanks for the comments on my maps. I really appreciate it. I think when I get back I will start posting some more metanet-ish, simple maps like this [] one.


this is a 5
if you, or someone reading this, could just post a comment on one of my maps, as to how to do this, I use to know, however I dont recall,
much appreciated


your 100th

is sure to be incredible


to the sequel?

Ya know, the first map of yours that I ever played was "Dark Sea." It's still in my userlevels.

Good lord

I remember when you didn't even have ten maps, and I said to myself, "if he takes others' advice, he'll be great"

Which is really saying something. If I made a map of this quality, I'd be very pleased with myself.

The start was naff, though. That and going back wasn't as fun as going there.

Looks good =)

Like the first map.. Think the beginning is a bit awkward and for some reason I find the 'last' chamber very challenging :p

I really like this

the choice of enemies is perfect, and the tiles are pretty nice as well
as for the map, it looks pretty awesome. the game play is a bit eh for me

This is

pretty cool.
Just feels a little too sterile and open for me. 4/5
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Nice avatar

I will play