The Moldation Theory

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Author capnshazmo
Tags action author:capnshazmo playable rated
Created 2009-12-07
Last Modified 2009-12-07
by 8 people.
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Description Ok, can you nice people of NUMA do me a favor and look at these too maps: my map [] nnds's map [] You don't have to play them, just look at the thumb's.

If you didn't already notice, my map has a cool little circley thing and so does nnds's, his circle is the same except for a few little tile changes.

My map was made a few hours b4 his was. I never said that my tiles could be used in my map, but he still used them.

Can somebody please give me their opinion on this??

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If anything

this is exactly the way to go around such problems (between NUMA-members) have a nice map and ask people to give their opinion q: They look quite alike but he has delisted it now.. I guess I already went ahead and told you I like this map (:


Sorta :p
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Regarding this map

it was an all round good map.

In regards to your case, at least it wasn't as bad as afew month back, where a newbie nicked the tileset of a VERY RECENT featured map, and tryed to pass it off as his own, no credit whatsoever. Forgotten his name.

Haha, yeah I guess

but where's the fun in that?


is there more than one now?
i made another one...

hey no worries when I get home from school I'll play all your maps....and imo insanely hard maps are never much fun :\


The switches in your map live in narrow places.
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just brought my self esteem to an alltime low


that made me laugh.


Pretty generic tiles regardless; I would calm down.


your hilarious, thanks for checkin out my map!

Shweet stuff! The general shapes (and the maps on "other maps by this author") are very cool and bacterialike. It was kind of annoying getting those inner switches, but overall going in circles was a great blast before I needed to get out of the loop. I've avoided the sides like a plague, so I dunno what I can tell you about them. I'll try the maps ya linked to! 4