OMG first race map

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading easy first race rated
Created 2009-12-07
Last Modified 2009-12-07
by 12 people.
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Description resub ninja in wrong place please RCE ded to iban jawbit ZTHING and all my other mates. but most of all the big ded goes to destiny one of the best race mappers on the site!!

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ye man

i forgive u
an awesome race map 4/5 :)



keep trying

you'll get better

Not bad

very trying, 4/5

I want to say, that

the flow was not obviously...
i had to think twice in this situation :D first i wanted to take the blue way but it didn't work
Try looking at what tile combinations flow smoothly from section to another, and learning how to chain them together fluidly.

I hope this helps, it's something i made a long time ago for this purpose: Flow Assist []
if you were interested. lol
Its a very old map []

cheers for the

advise will use it in my next race (if that day ever comes)
- easier to find. And try to smooth it out. If you have that and good "Close Calls" You have a Grade A race...

lol i cant make (or Play) race maps for the life of me. but i know how to make them. xD


gods_reaper i bet urs didnt suck but im pleased with this

i cheated...

xD Its not bad for a first race. Mine sucked lol.
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was this ment to be

not really
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